Testimonials & Reviews of Durwood Fincher aka Mr. Doubletalk

“If you want your corporate function to be a raving success, you only need to know two words: Durwood Fincher. I have worked with the man as well as seen him perform many times and I can tell you that he is the real deal. Mr. Doubletalk will put your corporate function or gathering in such a fantastic mood, they’ll be screaming for more. He’s a hilarious, extremely talented, personable, generous, special one-man show who goes way beyond what you’d expect and you will without a doubt, get your money’s worth. I highly recommend him and urge you to check out his website too!” June 17, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Hal Eisenberg
hired Durwood as a Performer in 2000 and hired Durwood more than once

“I first heard “Dr. Robert Payne” give a lecture over 10 years ago at a corporate function. I was filming the event for the company and had no idea of his background. For the first 5-7 minutes, everyone was tense as they did not want to laugh, but looked around at each other in complete disbelief. Finally, he tells his first joke and everyone EXPLODES with laughter. This is the kind of presentation where you are likely to be laughing so hard, no sound comes out. I was able to see him in two other live corporate events and then finally, two years ago, I was able to hire him for our company annual Sales Training program. He was an absolute HIT. To this day, with the many great persons we had him speak at our annual training meetings, Durwood Fincher’s name still comes up. I, like many, are so tired of hearing yet another coach, Olympic athlete or sports player tell us how great we are doing. Yes, they have wonderful messages, but Durwood’s unique style, stellar delivery, and audience participation will have everyone leaving the worst chicken cordon blu dinner feeling satisfied and great about your company and their future. I highly recommend Durwood as a guest speaker for your next corporate event. He is worth every penny!” December 17, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Ray Cronise
hired Durwood as a Guest Speaker in 2006


“Durwood is not only one of my favorite people; he is definitely my favorite performer, speaker and comedian. Durwood is a one of kind in the world, and a guaranteed home run for any event he does. I have worked with Durwood for 15 years on many events and he has never failed to exceed everyone expectations and bring down the house. I would not hesitate to recommend Durwood as one of the best and funniest performers that I have ever worked with. The best thing about what he does is involving the attendees with his candid video and giving them a chance to laugh at themselves. They will be talking about it for many years after the event. This I can promise you. Durwood Fincher is a class act and a wonderful person and friend.” December 17, 2008

Charmagne Loveless , VP Midwest Office, Key Artist Group
worked directly with Durwood at Durwood Fincher / Mr. Doubletalk

“Durwood is one of the funniest men it has ever been my pleasure to watch and listen to. The management of our organization of hard core, legal technology professionals hired him as a keynote speaker for our annual educational conference. He was brought on with some fantastic (and fake) credentials as a Presidential advisor on technology and launched into his keynote presentation, which quickly lapsed into his double talk routine. First there was total room-wide silence as all we technical professionals tried very hard to understand and comprehend what he was saying. Then a tad bit of anger as it didn’t seem to make sense (his timing and double talk skills have to be heard to be fully appreciated), then the universal laughter as we realized the joke was on us! In addition to the incredible stories and humor, we learned not to take ourselves so seriously all the time. You, and your organization, will not regret having “Mr. Doubletalk” speak. Ask him about his story about the policeman and the deaf guy (thinking about that still makes me laugh out loud!).” February 22, 2008

Top qualities : Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Jeffrey Brandt
hired Durwood as a Corporate Comedian in 1996

“Durwood was a featured speaker at an annual conference I put on. It was a technology users’ conference which can easily become the most boring of times. Durwood, however, holds the record for receiving the highest score of any speaker we have had over a 15+ year history (that’s over 50 speakers!). He was highly entertaining, extremely witty (of course), and easy to work with. His closing story about “running the red light with the deaf mute” was priceless and I laugh even today when I think of it! We, also, contracted him to do a “Dr. Robert Payne interview video” the night before he spoke and this video “brought down the house.” I would HIGHLY recommend this individual for an entertaining presentation. He’s the best…” February 22, 2008

Top qualities : Great Results, Personable, Creative

The Funniest Thing About American Business: Durwood Fincher / Mr. Doubletalk.