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Once You Step in Elephant Manure,
You’re in the Circus Forever

By Ed Grisamore

ISBN 978-1-934144-44-2; Hardcover WITH DVD INCLUDED;

Retail Price: $24.95; 274 pages; 22 books per case, Biography

Dubbed “Mr. Doubletalk” by Candid Camera’s Allen Funt, Durwood Fincher has been making America laugh for over twenty-five years. Represented by the Washington Speaker’s Bureau, Mr. Fincher has presented to hundreds of audiences, bringing the house down every time as he orchestrates exquisitely bumbling interviews with unsuspecting participants. Mr. Doubletalk’s balance of sense and non-sense, his graceful sprinkling of key phrases midst gobbled words, has also taken him to The Today Show, the dugouts of the Atlanta Braves and the Boston Red Sox, Live with Regis and Kelly and more. In Once you Step in Elephant Manure, You’re in the Circus Forever (978-1-934144-44-2), author Ed Grisamore tells Mr. Fincher’s life story, from his humble beginnings in a Georgia mill village to the bright lights of the Vegas stage. A DVD of Fincher’s Best of the Best is included.

No one tells a Southern story better than Ed Grisamore and Grisamore is at his best in Once You Step in Elephant Manure, You’re in the Circus Forever. Durwood Fincher’s wild and wonderful stories have been captured and polished with Grisamore’s heart and humanity, creating an inspirational tale of life and laughter. The enclosed DVD shares snippets of Fincher’s life as well as hysterical clips from major media and sports venues—it will have your reader rolling on the floor.