Frequently Asked Questions

How long is your presentation?
Depending on your group's needs, it can be as short as 20 minutes or as long as an hour.

How can I be sure your presentation will work with my group?
In the twenty-five years that Fincher has been entertaining business audiences, he has never met with anything less than complete success. We can supply numerous references, testimonials, letters, whatever information you need.

Does anybody ever get upset when you are doing the interviews?
NO. Far from getting upset, people are usually more than happy to be helpful, courteous and-after the fact willing to laugh with themselves. After all, there are no correct answers to Mr. Doubletalk's questions. Only funny ones.

How can attendees take Mr. Doubletalk home with them?
An out-of-the-ballpark bonus for attendees is to send everyone home with a copy of Fincher’s biography, Once You Step in Elephant Manure, You’re in the Circus Forever (with DVD included for $24.95) and/or a Best of Doubletalk DVD ($9.95). For orders of ten items or more, significant quantity discounts are offered. These can be preshipped to the event site for your added convenience. Please contact Mary Robinson via email


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  • What are Durwood's requirements?