Booked and Ready to Go with Mr. Doubletalk?

Great! Now that you've lined up Durwood for some doubletalk fun, here are three things you'll want to consider to make your event POP.

What are Durwood's Requirements?

Main Event: Please provide a lectern with a microphone attached. The podium needs to be well lit as people need to see his face for the full effect. If possible, an American Flag should be placed on or near the podium.
If over 300 people are to attend, image magnification is required. Appropriate audio visual equipment is required to replay video interviews.

Video Interviews: The interviews are taped at a convenient time prior to the speech. Fincher will need a quiet area with a self editing video camera on a tripod, handheld microphone with proper facial and back lighting. The camera person should have headphones in order to monitor the audio*. Two tall plants (trees) typically serve as a backdrop and are used as props. Fincher will need several participants sent in separately or in pairs. The participants are typically told only that they will be participating in a survey/opinion poll wanting to know what their goals for the conference or event. (Fincher typically refines the setup on site with the client.)

Prior to event: Typically, Durwood will have a conference call with the client a week or so prior to the program to discuss specifics. The client is asked to complete a brief "fill in the blanks" document. The client typically introduces Fincher as industry expert "Robert Payne".

*Although the client is responsible for providing the videographer and equipment , Fincher can provide excellent referrals upon request.

  • Dr. Payne Fill-In Questions
  • Sample Bio for Dr. Payne