Funny Video Interviews with Mr. Doubletalk

In the comic tradition of Candid Camera and Punk'd, Durwood offers the perfect complement to his speech: videotaped interviews of audience members. No comedian will be as hilarious or well received as your own people caught in the act of being themselves. The reactions to Mr. Doubletalk's unique interviewing style are priceless, and some of the answers are unbelievable!

Fincher's signature interviews are hilarious in a number of settings including celebrity roasts, professional sports banquets, anniversary celebrations and practical jokes as seen on The Today Show and Dick Clark's Bloopers.

The process typically works like this: Fincher's client handpicks the attendees to feature as unwitting victims. They are informed that they have been chosen to participate in a program or survey which is taped prior to the event. They are also told that the person conducting the survey, "Dr. Robert Payne," is a topical expert. Before long, Dr. Payne becomes Mr. Doubletalk and the real fun begins. Everyone comes out a winner as there are no "correct" responses to Mr. Doubletalk's questions, only funny ones. The carefully edited result is always a show stopper.

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